SPOKANE, Wash. — Dozens of Ferris High School students walked out of class on Tuesday to protest what they say was unfair treatment of a student during a fight at the Spokane high school last week.

About 30 students walked out of school Tuesday afternoon for "justice for a fellow student," according to KREM 2 reporter Shayna Waltower, who was at the scene. 

Students were holding signs with sayings such as "Black Lives Matter" and images of a black student pinned to the ground by an apparent school resource officer.

Student Tayona Allen said the officer attacked the student for no reason. They walked out of class to show their support for the student and get him justice. 

"This mean we have a voice and we can speak up because this is a worldwide problem that needs to be stopped," she said. 

She also mentioned that some students don't feel safe going to school now because of what happened. 

Waltower spoke with Spokane Public Schools Spokesman Brian Coddington at the walkout, who said he didn't want to speak for the students.

The fight in question took place on Jan. 24. A school district spokesman said three staff members attempted to intervene in a fight that broke out at the school.

The staff members were injured, the spokesman said. Two students were arrested for assault and another was arrested for malicious mischief and obstruction. 

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