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Gonzaga redshirts Payton Muma, Calli Stokes celebrating their time on the bench

The freshmen can’t play for the Zags this season since they’re redshirting, so they’ve come up with a creative way to contribute to games.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga’s women’s basketball team has a big game this Saturday in The Kennel against #16 Brigham Young University and the place is sure to be filled with energy.

That energy won’t just be coming from the stands, however; it’ll also be coming from Gonzaga’s own bench.

“There’s big catch, bowling, rock paper scissors. I’d say, like, six or seven main ones,” reflected Calli Stokes.

No, obviously redshirts Payton Muma and Stokes are not talking about play calls. They’re talking about celebrations.

“On a three. Every three shot. We have a nice dance move for the travels. They go hard,” said Muma of when the duo do their planned celebrations.

The pair have amassed quite a collection of routines.

Due to redshirting, the freshmen can’t play this year, so this is their way of making an impact on the game with their teammates.

“I think they like it. I hope they do,” Stokes said of her teammates' reactions to their antics. “That’s kind of the point of it. I think some of them are funny, and like Peyton said, it brings a lot of energy to it.”

“The whole reason why we go that crazy on the bench is because we’re trying to contribute the most we can. I think they notice. I think it helps them. Hopefully. If it doesn’t, sorry guys,” Muma said with a laugh.

As for what will happen to the celebrations once the pair gets more playing time in coming seasons?

“We’ll work on that. That’ll be a little different,” said Stokes.

“They’re going to have to be more lowkey. Obviously, we can’t make a three on the court and then be like, ‘Alright, get down,’” said Muma, impersonating doing CPR.

“That’ll be fun when we can actually play. It’ll be good,” added Stokes.


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