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‘We have an opportunity to really shine’: Tom Sherry encourages community during COVID-19 outbreak

"We can be sensible. We can be kind. We can be flexible," KREM's Tom Sherry wrote on Facebook.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The global coronavirus pandemic has left many people feeling fearful and uncertain.

During moments of social isolation or desperately searching for goods at the grocery store, it is easy to feel discouraged. But KREM’s Tom Sherry sought to change the narrative with a message on social media that encouraged people to shine.

His full message reads:

“Hi friends, We have an opportunity to really shine during this time. The way the Greatest Generation did during the Great Depression and WW2. Boomers, X'rs, Millenials and the Z generation can do this together. We can get a grip. We can be sensible. We can be kind. We can be flexible. Be careful where you get your news. Rely on trusted, vetted sources only. AND it may be time to temporarily block the extreme people on your timeline. If all their posts are complaining or criticizing. Then they aren't helping. We all have Kooky people as friends or family. We love them. But right now, we need to consider a quarantine from them. It's our time to step up and shine together.”

Tap here to watch Tom shares his message

The message has received dozens of positive Facebook comments, including one that says, “You couldn’t have said it any better.

Another commenter said, “Tom you are such a special person to our community,” while others thanked him for his encouraging words.

“We all know that these are uneasy times. We don’t how long the coronavirus is going to be with us or how many people it’s going to impact or how it will affect the economy,” Sherry said on KREM 2 News on Tuesday.

Coronavirus: Facts not fear

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