SPOKANE, Wash. — Lifted several stories above the ground, local artist Lallah Marston strokes red paint onto a rough brick building using a paint roller and industrial sized brushes. 

In the beginning stages, it looks like Marston is merely giving the building a new, colorful coat of paint. But come summer of 2020, the wall will be adorned with an intricate mural thanks to her tedious work.

The task seems mundane from the ground, but for Marston it is an opportunity she couldn't pass up.

"I have just always loved art. I've loved drawing since I was a little kid," Marston said.

Marston is taking her love of art to a new level. She takes an aerial work platform to the top of the building every day, painting each color down the surface.

"I have never done this before and it is so fun. It's a good thing I'm not afraid of heights," Marston said, laughing.

The project is funded by Selkirk Development and local artist Ben Joyce designed the mural. The design was inspired by the Spokane Falls and the Expo '74 butterfly that stands just feet from the building .

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Ultimately, the mural will be a colorful waterfall cascading the building's wall. When the waterfall reaches the ground, it will splash colors and hidden butterflies around the base of the building.

Joyce said the mural is a great way to give back to Spokane's art community, while contributing to the ongoing development in the area. 

Selkirk Development is renaming the building "The Papillon," which is French for butterfly.

"This will be the Papillon building and next door we're going to build the Papillon South. And across the street at Cataldo will be the Papillon North," said Derek Raivio, president of Selkirk Development.

Come 2022, those buildings will bring new restaurants and shops to the area. Raivio said the plan is to vacate Cataldo Way to make the area more pedestrian friendly. Construction is set to begin April 2020.

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