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'I want to be in the AC right now': Spokane lawn care business fights the heat wave

Temperatures are expected to stay in the triple digits through Saturday.

SPOKANE, Wash — People who work in the construction, maintenance, or lawn care business are facing extreme working conditions during the heat wave the region is experiencing. 

Standing in the direct sun for more than a minute is unbearable on 100 degree days. But Scott Carlson will spend the whole afternoon in the sun because that's what the job demands.

"Working for myself, I feel is probably the best thing," Carlson said. "No bosses and the money is great."

Carlson established Carlson's Lawn Care in Spokane this year. His services include lawn mowing, edging and property clean up. And it's quite a workout.

"The backpack blower alone gets heavy and then the edger, it's an arm workout," Carlson said. 

He said the lawn care business has picked up this past week.

"Customers don't want to be out in the heat so they call wanting their yards done because they don't want to do it," Calrson said. 

He enjoys this business, but admits it is tough during the current heat wave. 

"I want to be in the AC right now," Carlson said. 

Luckily, this former Yakima County fire fighter is prepared to work in extreme conditions.

"Lots of fluids," Carlson said. "Something I learned in the department is drink Pedialyte. To be honest, it's probably the best thing--electrolytes, it helps us stay hydrated."

While he knows the secret to working in extreme heat, Carlson is just like the rest of us--ready to get out of the sun.

"Right now, I'm just trying to get done as fast as possible and get home,"

If anyone has an extra cold-water bottle or popsicles, they might consider sharing some with people, like Carlson, who are working in the heat this week.