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Spokane Flag Commission extends design submission deadline

The new deadline is Oct. 15. The flag commission also removed the cap on how many submissions each person can submit.
Credit: City of Spokane
The current flag of the City of Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Flag Commission extended the deadline for new design submissions to Oct. 15 at midnight. 

The commission also removed the cap for how many design ideas any one person can submit. 

The designs will be considered for the city of Spokane's new flag, set to debut on Flag day in June 2021. 

Spokane City Council Member Kate Burke first suggested the city adopt a new flag, which the city finally agreed to do in June of last year. The Commission met for the first time in December of 2019. 

Spokane's flag became a hot topic once again when it was the subject of a viral TikTok made by Gonzaga student Bradley Miller. He called the flag "an atrocity."

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For those that want to submit design ideas for the new flag, the commission asks that they follow these guidelines: 

  • Designs must be inclusive and not contain exclusionary content (political symbols, stereotypes, etc)
  • No text or gradient colors on the flag, the flag must be single-sided (back is a mirror of the front)
  • Flag should include colors and symbols of import to Spokane, Spokane citizens, and indigenous peoples
  • You must have the ability to release your design into the public domain
  • Be inclusive: Your flag should reflect the diversity of the Spokane community and should pay respectful tribute to the indigenous peoples of the area through use of imagery or colors which are meaningful to the Spokane Tribe. For example, camas flowers, huckleberries, salmon, sturgeon-nose canoes, and tule mat lodges.
  • Be clean and positive: Flags that are offensive or explicitly exclusionary will not be considered. Avoid stereotypical depictions of peoples and culture. We’re looking for a flag that anyone can appreciate anytime.
  • Feature icons and/or symbols that will be meaningful to Spokane residents. Natural icons like the sun, lilacs, and the Spokane river have significance in the city’s history. Man-made symbols like “The Joy of Running Together”, the Great Northern Clock Tower, the US Pavilion, and the Skyride Gondola are recognizable to Spokane residents. These are just examples, feel free to be creative, but make sure to stylize and simplify complex designs – abstract shapes work much better in flags.
  • Be original. Don’t reproduce a pre-existing flag design or try to plagiarize another person’s design as your own.

Each person can submit up to three design ideas for the new flag. 

The process for picking the new flag still needs to officially be voted on by the committee but committee chair Joshua Hiller was able to provide a brief explanation of how the process could work. 

The commission anticipates it will create a set of rule-compliant submissions which will be presented on its website for public feedback. The commission would then synthesize 5-10 finalists, which could be unaltered submissions or submissions with alterations or new designs based on similar ideas that ranked highly. Those finalists would then be up for a binding vote from city residents. Citizens would be required to have a library card to cast a vote.