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Man admits to stabbing girlfriend's ex to death during sexual encounter, docs say

Edward Martinez, 19, is accused of stabbing Anthony Brines, 25, to death during the incident that involved himself, Brines and his girlfriend.

WARNING: This story contains graphic language as well as sexual and violent details.

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Court documents are giving details into a sexual encounter that ended in a fatal stabbing in North Spokane Thursday morning.

Edward Martinez, 19, is accused of stabbing Anthony Brines, 25, to death during the incident that involved himself, his girlfriend and Brines.

Brines is married to Martinez’s girlfriend and they all lived together in the home on East Princeton Avenue, according to court documents. Brines and Martinez’s girlfriend have been married since October 2019 but had been having marital problems and were seeking a divorce, documents say. Court documents say Martinez met his girlfriend online in May and eventually moved into the home in Spokane in the middle of June.

On Wednesday night, the three of them were hanging out, drinking gin and smoking marijuana, documents say. Around 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning, “all three of them moved into the master bedroom and began playing a game,” which eventually lead to them taking their clothes off, according to documents. 

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Martinez started having sex with his girlfriend but she said he was “unable to get aroused,” according to court records. Brines then started having sex with her while Martinez watched, documents say. Martinez then left the room, according to documents. 

When Martinez returned, his girlfriend was still having sex with Brines and she asked him if it was OK and he said it was, according to documents. Martinez’s girlfriend said she saw him walk around the back of Brines, then she heard Brines say, “My back. You are hurting me,” and eventually realized Martinez was stabbing Brines, documents say.

Brines fell to the floor and Martinez continued to stab him, according to court documents. His girlfriend then dialed 911 and started screaming for help, documents state. Martinez noticed what she was doing and picked her up by her arms and put her on the bed and told her, ‘I killed him. We gotta go,’ documents say. Martinez tried to convince his girlfriend to leave with him but she refused, according to court documents.

Martinez left the home after getting dressed. His girlfriend got back on the phone with 911 and told them what happened. She tried to help Brines until police and paramedics arrived at the scene, documents say.

Court documents say the knife used in the murder was sitting in the living room on top of the fireplace mantel. Brines had stab wounds to his face, back and chest, according to court documents.  

A K-9 officer and his partner responded to the scene to track Martinez. While they were looking for him, a citizen tip came in alerting the police to his location.

Officers found Martinez in the area of Broad Avenue and Helena Street where he was taken into custody without incident, police said. Court documents said officers saw blood on his shoe and shorts. He was then taken to the detective's office to be interviewed.

Court documents said when a detective told Martinez he was under arrest for first-degree murder, he said ‘He’s dead?’

“I then told the Defendant that he could send a kite from jail if he decided that he wanted to talk to me in the future,” the detective wrote in court documents. “He shook his head no and immediately said, ‘I’ll talk about it.' He said, ‘I don’t need a lawyer. Forget that. I know what I did and I’m not gonna deny it.’”

Martinez told the detective during the sexual encounter and he “started feeling a deep anger inside me just building, building,” documents say. He said he started thinking about getting a knife while he was sitting in the bedroom, documents state.

“He added, ‘The premeditation started right there in the room,’” the detective wrote in court documents. “He claimed that he was ‘smiling and laughing at her in a really f***ed up way.’ He said that he does this when he ‘gets sadistic.’”

When Martinez finished talking to the detective, documents say he wrote a letter to his girlfriend to apologize, documents say.

According to court records, the letter said in part, “Hey babe. I’m not gonna see you for a while. I f***ed up. I ruined our lives.”

Martinez is charged with first-degree murder and is being held in the Spokane County Jail on $1 million bond.