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Late season snow could mean delayed start for gardening

The late snow could mean you need to wait a little bit longer to start growing your favorite plants.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spring is right around the corner, and right about now some people might be thinking about their garden and how this late season snow may impact it.

The staff at Liberty Park Florist and Greenhouse have been already had people come in to look at what to plant this spring. The greenhouse in the Perry District has started prepping for spring.

"Right now, we are just kind of right in the startup mode,” Owner Jim Alice said.

Alice said he thinks the later winter weather could mean waiting a little longer to plant something new. It may take a bit longer for the ground to dry up enough for planting.

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"You've still got snow on the ground and as that melts that's going to go into the ground. So you're going to have a little bit more saturation this spring probably than in previous years past,” Alice said.

Alice said it is really not just looking back at the winter, but more so looking forward at the weather ahead to see when to get started.

"Sometimes especially like this if the spring stays cool it may take longer to warm that soil up and so they may be delaying their planting a little bit this year compared to say other years,” Alice said.

Alice said one thing you can do is once the snow finally melts clean up any old foliage. This is so mold or rot does not develop.

"And then they dry up a little bit better and can take off in the spring time,” Alice said.

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