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Green Bluff Christmas tree farm changes tradition, opens early

Dietz Farm on Green Bluff usually sells their Christmas trees in December, but they are open for reservations early to abide by COVID-19 regulations.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Christmas is coming early to Green Bluff in 2020. Dietz Farm started their Christmas tree sales in October, despite Halloween being the next major holiday. 

The farm’s reservation book is open and ready to pencil in appointments for farm tours, with the goal of selling their trees over the course of the next few months leading up to Christmas. 

“I just want to give people the option. You don’t have to come early, but if you feel like it’s safer for you and your family you can make an appointment,” Jim Dietz, owner of Dietz Farm said. 

On a normal year, Dietz sees upwards of 800 people come through his lot over the course of the two weekends before Christmas. He is hoping by starting the season early, he can avoid those large crowds. 

Anyone interested in a tree can text or call Dietz at (509)342-1425 to set up an appointment for any time before Thanksgiving. If customers go in October, they could also pick some of the pumpkins strewn across the tree lot.  

During the appointment, customers can choose and pay for which tree they want to bring home for Christmas. Dietz will tag the tree to show it is claimed. 

“You can come out and have your own family experience without any people around,” he said. 

Then closer to Christmas Dietz will invite families back to pick up their trees. He will have them cut, shaken, wrapped and ready for curbside loading.