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Seeing more spiders? Expert says keep your house sealed to keep them out

You may have found some sprays or even scented oils to get rid of spiders. But experts say, this probably won't work, since spiders can't smell.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many people are noticing there are a lot more spiders around their homes.

Pamela Moye said it's usually around this time of year that she finds spiders creeping around her house.

"And I come, and there's just this spider that's like this big. And I saw it, and it saw me, and it ran toward me. And I was like nope. I need solutions now," Moye said.

Why are spiders making more appearances lately? The typical guess might be because of the temperature change and the spiders are just trying to get to a warmer area.

Rod Crawford, a spider specialist at the University of Washington says this is just a myth. He said spiders are cold-blooded, so the cold really doesn't bother them. What’s bring them inside is mating season.

You're probably seeing male spiders scoping out potential partners and they've just happened to find their way into your home. But how do you get rid of them?

You may have already found some sprays or even scented oils. But Crawford said, this probably won't work, since spiders can't smell.

In the meantime, he said your best bet is so keep your home as tightly sealed as possible. You should put caulk around your windows and baseboards and weather seals around your doors.

Now that it’s officially autumn, Crawford said we should start to see fewer of these critters scaling the walls.

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