Former Central Valley star and Idaho punter and kicker Austin Rehkow joined the #HSS2Night crew to help break down some key special teams plays during Week 3 -- Week 4 for Idaho teams -- of high school football across the Inland Northwest.

This week, Rehkow discussed three special teams plays on Friday.

He first took a look at the game at University High, where the Titans took on Greater Spokane League opponent Gonzaga Prep. The Bullpups took a bad snap on the extra-point attempt. Things got ugly fast, but the Bullpups recovered and tried for two points instead.

Matthew Carney scooped up the ball and had an awkward pass to Zane Melzer, who was taken down by the Titans.

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Those kind of mistakes aren't common, but they do happen. Rehkrow admitted he had to scramble a few times when the snap was missed.

"Once or twice," Rehkrow said. "Usually (came) out on the right end, thankfully."

North Central and Lewiston both had impressive blocks against the punter Friday night. Lewiston's block resulted in another touchdown, a tough blow to the Bantams, who lost 28-0.

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