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Jimmy Kimmel sidekick Guillermo reveals Gonzaga 'investigation' results

Cherlock Hombre, played by Kimmel sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, spoke with Gonzaga basketball players in his quest to prove that the school does not exist.

SPOKANE, Wash. — There is no end in sight for the feud between late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and Gonzaga University.  

For more than a week, Kimmel has said he is convinced Gonzaga does not exist and is an elaborate hoaxed cooked up by the Canadians to throw a wrench in college basketball brackets. 

Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel's well-known sidekick and parking lot security guard for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ventured into the Gonzaga men's basketball team's locker room on Wednesday. He wore Sherlock Holmes-style garb and carried a magnifying glass. 

KREM Sports Director Brenna Greene caught up with Rodriguez after his visit, who said that some of the players' arguments convinced him that Gonzaga "might" be real. 

Regardless, Rodriguez said that he wants the team to be on the show if they win the national championship to prove to everyone that Gonzaga exists. 

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After Gonzaga won its Sweet 16 match-up against the Florida State Seminoles and stamped its ticket to the Elite Eight, the official results of Rodriguez' investigation aired on Kimmel's show. 

Before the investigation, Kimmel showed clips of KREM anchors Jane McCarthy and Tom Sherry reporting from inside Gonzaga's Hemmingson Center and Greene chatting with Rodriguez. 

The investigation titled "Gone Zaga: The School That Wasn't There" was completed by "investigative journalist" Cherlock Hombre, played by Rodriguez.

Rodriguez pointed to empty seats in the Honda Center, saying, "As you can see, the stadium is full of Gonzaga students." 

Later, he spoke with Gonzaga MBB Assistant Coach Danny Daniels and asked if Coach Mark Few was real.

"He's so real. Believe me," Daniels said. 

But Rodriguez was not convinced. He rearranged some letters in Few's name to spell the word "faker."

Afterward, Rodriguez ventured into the locker room to interview the men's basketball players – or "actors," as he called them.

He spoke with star forward Brandon Clarke, who tried to disprove Kimmel and Rodriguez's theory about Gonzaga. 

“No man, we’re actually real. I think that we’ve been around for like 100 years, if not more," Clarke said. 

Later, Rodriguez asked Killian Tillie to sign an imaginary ball and Zach Norvell to show him a school handshake.

"There's not one handshake that we all do. You just gotta make up one," Norvell said. 

"Just like your school," Rodriguez replied. 

Rodriguez also asked Jeremy Jones to direct him to Mr. Gonzaga. 

"I didn't know Mr. Gonzaga was a person. It's a school," Jones replied. 

What were Rodriguez's findings, you may ask? He still believes Gonzaga is fake. The investigation ended with the hashtag #Conzaga. 

"Guillermo's full 400-page report will head to Congress next week and we will go through that," Kimmel said. 

Watch the full video below:

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