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Jalen Suggs' parents relishing time in Indy, even if it means a few road trips

"A lot. More than I like to," said mom Molly with a laugh about the amount of time she's spent in the car during the NCAA Tournament.
Credit: KREM

INDIANAPOLIS — Eight and a half hours. That’s how long it takes to drive from Minneapolis to Indianapolis. 

Larry Suggs and Molly Manley, Jalen Suggs' parents, have made the trip several times in the past two weeks.

"A lot. More than I like to," said Molly with a laugh about the amount of time she's spent in the car during the NCAA Tournament.

Thankfully that time spent in the car has paid off.

"Lots of wins. We’re all for all the wins, so that makes it worth it," said Molly.

It’s not just Jalen playing in the NCAA Tournament right now. Sister Jennica has her first game in the Minnesota High School State Tournament on Tuesday as well. 

With her game starting at 5 p.m. ET and Jalen’s starting at 7:15 p.m. ET it could make things complicated for the duo. It also means they'll have to deliver the news of the game to Jalen from the stands.

"We’ll make sure that we have an iPad charged up and ready to go. Hopefully we get a great stream when we get in the building," said Larry.

"And then we’ll give him the signal she won or not," said Molly while making a thumbs up or thumbs down signal. "Hopefully it’s she won."

Another thing the parents are enjoying about the stands is simply just bonding with other Gonzaga parents—Something they’ve only been able to do sparingly throughout the year.

"Kispert’s mom’s always in the front row, you got Timme’s mom in the front row, Molly anchors the middle. Between all the three moms there’s a lot of good, loud cheering for the boys. The boys see them upstairs and I think it gives them a little extra firepower on the court. A little bit of motivation there," said Larry.

"It’s been really fun. It’s been one of my favorite parts," said Molly of getting to know other Gonzaga parents. "They’re meaningful relationships that no matter what happens after this, we’ll always take with us."

Jalen is also just three games away from taking home some very special hardware.

"I might cry," said Molly of if her son wins a national championship.

"It’ll be the first time I tell him he’s really, really good," said Larry with a smile.

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