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How much money have Spokane mayoral candidates raised since the primary?

Since the Aug. 6 primary, mayoral candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward have raised nearly $100,000 in cash donations alone.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Money has been flowing into the Spokane mayor's race at unprecedented levels in 2019 and the pace isn't slowing following the primary election.

The latest Public Disclosure Commission reports show that both Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward have raised  at least a quarter of what they'd raised in the entire year preceding the Aug. 6 primary in just over a month. 

Before Aug. 6, Stuckart led in terms of cash donations. He had $175,089 compared to Woodward's $165,586.

But Woodward had more than $100,000 in additional help through independent expenditures, an unlimited form of support where groups can buy ads for candidates with or without their approval.

Since the primary, Woodward has gained on Stuckart in cash raised.

She has received 118 separate donations totaling $50,164.

Stuckart has three times as many individual donations with 365 but they're smaller on average, so his total since Aug. 6 is $44,007.

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Both candidates have passed the $200,000 threshold and Stuckart still holds a slight lead in cash contributions.

Meanwhile, Woodward has also received another batch of digital ad support, reported as independent expenditures totaling $43,500, since the primary. That money came from the Washington Realtors PAC, by far Woodward's biggest supporter and the biggest overall spender in Spokane politics this year.

Stuckart's campaign had just $850 in that form of support, from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

In terms of who is donating, the trends from before the primary are keeping up through the general. 

Many labor groups are donating to Stuckart and many business interests are donating to Woodward. Though, each does have donations from some unions and local businesses.

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