ELK CITY, Idaho — A sign outside of the Reno Club bar in Elk City in Idaho County has resulted in complaints being filed with the sheriff’s office.

The sign shows two elks mating in front of a distant mountain. It says, ‘Adult Bar’ and ‘Smokers Welcome.’

An Idaho County Sheriff employee said there have been two official complaints regarding the sign.

The employee said an officer visited the bar but found no violations of law. The deputy also spoke with the county prosecutor, but the prosecutor could not think of any laws that would prevent the sign from being up.

The owner told the deputy the image had been associated with the bar before and a version of the sign had been put up and removed over the years.

An employee at the Reno Club said the owner recently had the sign fixed. Essentially, they painted over the male elk’s tongue and genitals.

Elk mating on sign for The Reno Club in Elk City, Idaho

The sign may ring familiar with the people of Spokane. Back in May, the company, The Great PNW, put a billboard up in downtown Spokane that feature two bears in the same sort of position.