COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Parents brought in lunch to the staff of Lake City High School on Thursday.

The school has been dealing with several social media threats to the students’ safety in the past week or so.

The parents reached out to local restaurants and asked for donations to the LCHS staff. Several restaurants took them up on it, and Thursday the Olive Garden donated food and the moms who organized it made the delivery themselves.

“Just to see them so exhausted--They need to be eating,” said Jackie Gervais, a LCHS mother. “They need to be taken care of at the same time.”

“It's honestly the least we could do to show our appreciation for them working so hard to make sure our kids are safe,” said Desi Freeman, another mom.

As for Friday, the parents said they have already secured Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch for the staff.

“Most of our staff hasn’t had time to think about eating,” Principal Deanna Clifford said. “So this is a life saver.”