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Gyms face more restrictions under COVID-19 regulations

The Safe Start plan prohibits gatherings of more than five customers at workout facilities.


It's hard enough motivating yourself to go to the gym, but what if you can't even if you wanted to? For gym-goers in Spokane, Governor Jay Inslee’s Safe Start plan may affect your workout schedule. 

The plan, which says gyms cannot operate if more than 5 customers are there, will go into affect July 30th.

“We're surviving, but how long is still to be determined," said Jazzercise Owner Erica Demateis.  

She just reopened her workout studio to the public when a new social distancing order was implemented, but with new restrictions from the government, she says business is stagnant. 

Credit: Morgan Trau
Positive sign sits next to COVID-19 release forms

“We have also had to reduce our class sizes, all of my instructors are teaching about two classes a week versus some were teaching 5,6,7,8," she said. "But having reduced cost, I can't afford to pay them as many classes”  

One of the reasons people have been cancelling is because they cannot afford to pay full price, she said. After losing 20% of her clients, she has found a temporary solution: livestreaming.

“Before you had to show up to class now you can do it from your bathroom if you need to, making it more accessible,” said customer Dr. Kerry Traugott

Traugott misses the in studio aspect, but sees the positive advancements Erica is making for her customers. 

“A lot of our customers, even if they haven't done a live stream, They've been saying, keep taking our fees because when everything changes we want you here, when we get back,” she said.

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