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"I think about him every day": Family of Andrew Bull remembers him as more than just a victim

Police believe Nathan Beal killed Bull for practice before murdering his ex-wife, Mary Shaffer. Beal is currently booked in Spokane County Jail.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The family of man who was allegedly killed by a convicted murderer as practice for killing his ex-wife wants their brother to be remembered as more than a victim.

Nathan Beal is in Spokane County jail for murdering his ex-wife, Mary Shaffer, two years ago in Browne's Addition. A jury convicted Beal of shooting and killing Mary outside of his apartment.

She was trying to pick up the two children she shared with Beal. But there's another alleged victim we haven't heard much about. That is a man police believe Beal killed for practice four months before killing his ex-wife, Mary. 

All we have known until now is that the victim, Andrew Bull, was homeless. But his siblings said he is more than just the person identified in court records.

He was the oldest of his three siblings and always willing to put others before himself, which is how his family want him to be remembered.

His siblings, Cody and Jennalee Bunting, say Andrew was the best big brother they could ask for. He loved big.

"He would give you a hug and then tap you three times on the back," Jennalee said. "So it's kind of his thing that we call the 'Andrew hug'."

And he always had their back.

"He was helping me out a lot, especially with the fact that I have autism," Cody said. "Everyone kept making fun of me and my brother was like 'leave my brother alone.' "

Andrew had a passion for spray painting and worked as a car detailer in Spokane. He was proud of his work and sent his family photos of his latest projects.

"He'd send me pictures and say 'look what I just made'," Cody said. "I said, when I get a car maybe you should do that for me!"

It's these memories of their brother that they hold close to their hearts, because they can no longer hold him.

"Losing a sibling is not the best feeling in the world at all," Cody said. "I think about him every day. I look up in the stars and I know that he's looking down on me and my little girls."

Andrew died on April 3, 2020, less than two weeks before his 30th birthday. Spokane police believe Nathan Beal shot and killed Andrew for practice, and later killed his ex-wife.

"What gives him the right to go up to my brother, while he's riding his bike and say yeah, he's perfect for practice?" Cody said. 

The anniversary of his death is still hard for Jennalee.

"April 3 is always one of those days that I don't want to come because I don't want to feel that pain and heartbreak," Jennalee said. "But, I know he wouldn't want me to dwell on it and want me to be happy."

Andrew's family never had the chance to celebrate his milestone birthday—let alone say good-bye. So now, they honor him by lighting candles and send off balloons on his birthday. 

Both Cody and Jennalee have tattoos to remember their brother. 

His signature and the message he wrote in Jennalee's high school graduation card on her arm. 

"It's unique because he spelled 'only' wrong," she said. "So, no one else will have a tattoo like this."

On Cody's arm, a nod to Andrew's passion for painting with a paint can writing Andrew's signature. Permanent reminders of their best big brother.

Andrew's alleged killer, Beal, is expected to go to trial in June. While Cody and Jennalee aren't sure the trial will give them closer, they are hoping for justice.

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