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Snow Angels volunteer to help Coeur d'Alene residents dig out of the snow

The North Idaho Life Snow Angels group helps seniors, single moms and those in need shovel snow during the winter months.

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho — North Idaho Life Snow Angels is a group of volunteers that help shovel other people's driveways and sidewalks all around the Coeur d'Alene area during winter.

The group is always busy during the winter, helping seniors, single mothers, and those with disabilities in the community shovel the snow.

Keith Boe, a member of North Idaho Life Snow Angels, said the group started about four years ago after he felt the need to help the community after seeing his grandparents struggle during the snow season.

"I remember my grandmother telling me that winter is really hard on my grandfather," Boe said. "So, when you get a big storm like that with someone who's elderly, disabled, maybe a hard-working single mom and they look at a driveway with a foot of snow on it, they're captive to it, and it rules over their life."

Another member of the snow angels, Ryan Scaggs, said that being able to help the community by shoveling snow is what motivates him.

"I'm just an insurance agent with a snowblower and a shovel, and if I can be in the community and give back to somebody, and if shoveling snow and my ability to just move that out of the way for them is something that blesses them, I'm going to be all for it," Scaggs said.

Boe said the group has grown through the years making connections in the community.

"It's not just us three, the group has almost 2,000 members in it right now," Boe said. "It's not a job, it's all free donation paid."

Another snow angel member, Dan Burg, said members are always willing to offer help to those in need in the community.

"People are willing to just give their time and what they can, and they may not be able to give a whole day, but they give something and that means a ton to people," Burg said. 'We get lots of baked goods, which is excellent."

People that need help getting their houses shoveled could request help through the North Idaho Life Snow Angels group on Facebook. Posting an address is not necessary to receive assistance.

"It's really amazing so what we're really doing for going around town, is really setting people free," Boe said.