SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — You may think you love Halloween – but it’s probably difficult to beat the level of enthusiasm Spokane Valley resident Chris Sheppard has for the holiday.

Sheppard, who lives in Spokane Valley, calls herself “The Queen of Halloween.” She even runs a Facebook page of the same name

The display in front of her home features hundreds of thousands of lights and 75 blow-up characters.

This year, Sheppard even expanded the display into her neighbor’s yard – with their permission of course.

She told KREM in 2015 that it takes her about six months to set up the display. Goodwill and other thrift stores are popular decorations to find the many spooky decorations.

Sheppard promised “lots of candy” for trick-or treaters stopping by her home on Thursday. In fact, she hands out dozens of bags of chocolate to hundreds of children that visit her house every year.

“Feel free to wander through our spooky little courtyard,” she added.

Those who want to stop by the house for some free, family-friendly fun can head to 1722 S. Bettman Rd. in Spokane Valley.

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