A much-anticipated wildlife bridge over I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass is just months away from completion, and new video shows just how busy it will be.

Currently, there are several options for wildlife to pass under the highway. Video released by Conservation Northwest shows everything from elk and coyotes to bobcat, deer and geese.

"And we're really excited that when this bigger crossing is done, this wildlife bridge, we expect those animals to respond very quickly and use it right away," said Conservation Northwest Spokesperson Chase Gunnell.

The bridge will also help with endangered species recovery. Currently, there are no wolves in the South Cascades and Gunnell thinks I-90 might be blocking them from moving south. The new bridge will allow wolves to cross the freeway and establish themselves in the South Cascades. He adds that's important to improve the genetic diversity of the wolves.

But the bridge isn't focused solely on wildlife.

"It's about safety and improving safety not only for wildlife but also for drivers. If you're going 70 mph and you end up hitting a huge elk, it's going to do a lot of damage not only to your vehicle but possibly to yourself and the passengers in the car," said WSDOT Spokesperson Meagan Lott.

The bridge is expected to open in October of this year.