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Untold Stories: Adam Morrison showed big heart after a coach's death in the family

Morrison was known for wearing his heart on his sleeve in a competitive way, but also a caring way too. This story comes from his senior season at Mead High School.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga men's basketball and Mead High School legend Adam Morrison is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

Most saw it in the competitive way on the basketball court, but those who know him have seen it in the caring way too. One of the times it was apparent was his senior year of high school at Mead during the state tournament run in 2003.

Assistant coach Pat Clark's grandson died at a very young age. Clark didn't join the team for most of the state tournament.

Before the team left for the state title game, head coach Glenn Williams brought Clark to surprise the team before leaving for the game.

"Nobody knew he was coming back," Williams said.

Williams addressed the team on the bus before they left.

"I said, 'We are thinking of Coach Clark during this time. Why don't we just bring him to the game?'"

 He brought Clark on the bus, who was hiding in the parking lot for the surprise.

"I'll never forget," Williams recalled. "It was Adam who sprinted from his seat first. He was at the back of the bus and ran down the aisle to give Coach Clark a hug." 

It was a heartwarming moment. Morrison showed how much he cared about those around him.

Sometimes we might forget that athletes are humans with emotions too. Stories like this show us their true colors.

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