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VERIFY: Can you get your two COVID-19 shots from different vaccines?

With a decision on the Moderna vaccine expected in the coming days and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine being shipped out, people have wondered if they can mix the two.

SPOKANE, Wash. — While many are feeling more hopeful with news of the first shipments of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine being sent out, people are also asking about the vaccination process.

One such question involves whether someone can get one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and a second dose of the Moderna vaccine. 

"If [the] first shot is Pfizer, can the second be Moderna? Or, must both shots be Pfizer in order for efficacy of the vaccine process," KREM viewer Laura asked.

Moderna's Emergency Use Application is expected to be decided on in the coming days.


To verify, we reached out to Dr. Payal Kohli, a cardiologist and disease prevention expert, and Spokane Regional Health District Health Program Specialist Kayla Meyers.

Can I get my two COVID-19 vaccine doses from different manufacturers?

"So one of the reasons that the CDC is really issuing those immunization cards is because that first dose and second dose have to be the same manufacturer," Dr. Kohli said.

According to Kohli, people need get both doses of the same vaccine. This is because, while the vaccines protect against the same virus, the vaccines themselves aren't the same.

This was also addressed by Meyers in a recent SRHD press conference.

"The two doses that you receive need to be from the same vaccine manufacturer, so they're not interchangeable as we usually say in the vaccine world. And once you start with Pfizer you've got to end with Pfizer. Once you start with Moderna, you have to end with Moderna," Meyers said.

Kohli added that another reason people need to get both doses of the same vaccine is because the time required between the doses is different, with the Pfizer vaccine having a shorter window than the Moderna vaccine awaiting approval.

"And the reason for that is because the vaccines are a little bit different, they have different components in them, the dosing interval is also different. So, the Pfizer vaccine is given, you know, separated by three weeks, whereas the Moderna vaccine is separated by four weeks. And hence, the response of the immune system is different," Kohli said.

One more thing to keep in mind before the vaccine is available to more people is immunization cards. These are cards that will list what vaccine a person got, when they got the first dose, and when the second dose needs to be administered.

While some people are wary, these cards are completely voluntary and optional. Their purpose is to provide a way for people to remember key information about their vaccine and the vaccination process.


No, people cannot get their first and second COVID-19 vaccine dose from different manufacturers.

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