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Three people dead in small plane crash near Deer Park

At this time, officials say the number of occupants is unknown and identification is not available.

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. -- Three people are dead after a passenger aircraft crash west of Deer Park Friday morning.

Officials said the plane crashed in a field near 5047 Bittrich-Antler Road.

Moody Aviation posted on Facebook Friday saying one of its training aircraft crashed.

They said an instructor and two students died in the crash.

In the statement they said, "Moody Aviation is cooperating with the National Transportation Safety Board. We are grateful for your prayers through this time."

Fire crews arrived on the scene west of Deer Park Airport around 10:20 a.m. National Transportation Safety Board officials said the plane was a Cessna 172. Federal Aviation Administration officials said the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The NTSB is en route to the location from Portland and expected to get there later Friday night.

Officials do not know where the plane originated from at this time.