STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. — Hundreds of dogs were rescued from two illegal puppy mills in Stevens County, Washington. The 255 puppies and dogs were primarily Chihuahuas.

Local authorities and American Humane organized the rescue, where the dogs were discovered in various states of medical distress. Around 100 of the dogs were healthy enough for transport and arrived in Monroe, Washington, on Tuesday. The dogs are going to five animal rescues in Western Washington.

Pasado's Safe Haven took 29 of the puppies and dogs. Their plan is to assess each animal, vaccinate and spay or neuter them. Pasado's anticipates the animals will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks.

The dogs are evidence in an ongoing case against the breeders, according to Pasado's Safe Haven. They were being wrongfully sold on national websites. The Stevens County Sheriff's Office is seeking information from anyone who purchased a pet from breeders in Ford, Washington and Nine Mile Falls, Washington, and the puppy was sick or died.