SPOKANE, Wash.—A summer camp on the WSU Spokane campus makes a difference for kids from all over with severe speech and sound disorders.

Camp Candoo is a nine-day camp full of intense speech therapy taught through fun activities like songs and games based around sounds and themes.

Other parts of the day, when the kids aren't in groups learning through activities, they have one-on-one time with WSU and EWU graduate students working on their language skills.

One mother, Kristen Downey, said this is her son Kalin’s third time at Camp Candoo.

Downey said she saw his speech improve leaps and bounds.

“I remember looking at him when he was about three or four and he couldn’t communicate what he wanted for Christmas. He couldn’t tell you what he wanted for his birthday, and just to have that speech come along is great,” said Downey.

She isn’t the only parent who has seen the difference the camp makes for the kids.

The walls to the classrooms used for some of the activities are two-way mirrors that allow parents to watch the entire process.

To see more information on the camp you can visit their website.