SPOKANE, Wash. — As Spokane continues to move toward becoming a greener community, city leaders are learning from other cities across the world.

During a recent trip to Scandinavia with leaders from Spokane, the county and Washington state, City of Spokane spokesperson Marlene Feist blogged about the group's day to day adventures.

The nearly weeklong trip was spent in several cities in Denmark and Sweden.

On day one and two, leaders were greeted by a city full of bikes and bike infrastructure in Copenhagen, which contribute to the city's good air quality and reasonable traffic flow.

In the blog, Feist notes that more than 50 percent of commute trips within Copenhagen are made by bike.

"There's interest in how can we enhance our bike infrastructure, I think there's interest in how we can continue to evolve are renewable energy portfolio in our community," Feist said. "Whatever we can learn from our neighbors whether they be near or far is really an important thing. We want to do what's right for our community, what's right for our citizens. It's not identical to other places but we can always learn."

Over the next several days of the trip, leaders visited a waste energy plant where one manufacturer's waste was another's raw product.

Feist said leaders were very interested in this circular economy model and how it can be implemented at waste plants in Spokane. She said there was much to be learned in terms of Scandinavia's renewable energy and overall green economy.

If you would like to learn more about the trip and see more pictures of the places visited, click here.