SPOKANE, Wash. — Two days after she arrived on the International Space Station, Spokane native Anne McClain is starting the initial stages of her research mission.

She and two other astronauts arrived on the ISS on Monday and greeted the three astronauts already on board.

McClain then spent the day familiarizing herself with the station and reviewing some of its safety procedures.

Since then, she has started the first steps of her research on how gravity affects tissues and organs.

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In her little free time, McClain eats meals packed in special pressurized bags.

She is also able to keep in contact with her family. With a steady signal, a satellite phone allows her to contact almost any place on earth.

Twice over the course of her six month mission, a re-supply ship will deliver materials to the space station.

It will bring care packages from NASA support staff or from McClain’s family. Inside the packages are little gifts or small bags of some of her favorite foods.

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The ISS is projected to be in Spokane’s view on December 9 a little after 5 p.m. Depending on how clear the skies are, you might be able to look up and wave to Anne’s temporary home.