A recent post on Reddit suggested installing a ramp meter near the Sprague curve going westbound on Interstate 90.

They believed doing this would help with traffic congestion in that area of I-90. A ramp meter is a stop and go light allowing vehicles to enter the freeway one at a time. It is much like the one put in at Highway 195 and I-90 going eastbound.

KREM asked Washington State Department of Transportation if there are plans to do so and if it could help with traffic congestion there.

Traffic Engineer Larry Frostad said putting in a ramp meter at the Sprague on-ramp would in fact help alleviate traffic congestion there. However, right now Sprague west bound is not specifically funded for a ramp meter.

Spokane will see ramp meters installed at six on-ramps to I-90 through the downtown area. All of which are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

ramp meters_1543889517964.png.jpg
Map showing where all ramp meters will be installed by 2019 through Downtown Spokane.

The ramp meter at the Highway 195 and I-90 Interchange is one. The remaining five will be installed at eastbound at Walnut, westbound at Division and Browne, eastbound at Monroe, eastbound at Browne and Division, and eastbound at Hamilton.

Additional locations, like Sprague Avenue, will be added once future funding becomes available.

Frostad said each ramp is an estimated $400,000. And with about a $300,000 budget to work with each year for ramp meters, he said they can only build so many each year.

As for the first ramp meter in Spokane, WSDOT will do a test period to gather traffic information for 30 days. Then, it's expected to be regulating traffic by this spring.