SPOKANE, Wash. — After the first heavy snowfall of 2019, Sharp Avenue's newest update is proving effective.

In October 2018, the road received several updates, including new water-absorbing pavement.

This type of asphalt has small holes in the road’s surface that allow water to soak through the pavement, keeping ice off the roads and preventing potholes from forming.

After Tuesday’s winter storm, the road appears to be doing its job.

On several side streets along Sharp Ave., a mix of snow, slush and water sat on those roads.

Sharp remained clear, with the only signs of snow being the large piles around the median and on the grass.

Although the road seems to be giving drivers a smoother commute after a snowy day, there’s not much of a possibility that all Spokane roads will receive this update. It would be an extensive project requiring lengthy periods of construction.

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