SPOKANE, Wash. – Extra money has put the construction for the new North Spokane Corridor ahead of schedule, 2 On Your Side has learned.

The project has been the talk of Spokane since the 1980’s but not many people have seen a lot of progress. The highway has been slowing down Spokane drivers traveling North or South for years.

"You can leave as early as you want and it's all up to the lights if you make it on time," Spokane resident Marissa Selder said.

Washington state lawmakers approved 700 million dollars in funding to for the North Spokane Corridor project. The increased funding has pushed the completion year from 2029 to 2027.

"It'll just be easier going from Point A to Point B," Selder said.

2 On Your Side learned the Washington Department of Transportation focused on shoring up existing issues like repaving streets and repairing sidewalks. Crews were able to get those projects done quicker so they can put more resources toward the North Spokane Corridor project.

Tackling those issues ahead of time also reduces the possibility of wear and tear on cars using those streets now.

"It's nice to know my tax paying dollars are going to something I could use," Selder said.