SPOKANE, Wash — As inexpensive and convenient Lime scooters can be, they may not be the best idea after a night out.  

Since the Lime program returned to Spokane in May, there have been a total of two injuries reported. That's according to Spokane city bicycle and pedestrian planner Colin Quinn-Hurst.

But can you be cited for a DUI if you ride a scooter or bike after one too many drinks?

Spokane Police Sergeant Terry Preuninger says no.

Here's why.

In 1995, the Washington State Supreme court determined the Legislature intended the DUI law to apply to motor vehicles only. It ruled the DUI statute does not include bicycles. Preuninger said that also goes for scooters. 

You may be thinking, 'But the scooters are electric! Doesn't that make it a motorized vehicle?'

Sgt. Preuninger said the scooters just don't meet the state's definition of a motorized vehicle. 

"Scooters are also not technically motorized," Preuninger said. "So you're not going to see a city cop give a DUI on one of those."

He adds while only a couple injuries have been reported, he occasionally patrols the bar scene, and has witnessed a few wipe outs. 

"Especially the officers that work over the weekends and into the evenings, they've noticed an increase in crashes and we've seen people crash scooters and crash bicycles," Preuninger said.

So, it may not really be the best idea to ride a scooter after a few cold ones. And based on the crashes police have seen, it may be better to call a taxi or an Uber.