SPOKANE, Wash. — Two of the dogs rescued from a meat market in Korea have found their forever homes. Spokanimal said one more is ready to be adopted.

The other five are still at the shelter, but need a little more time socializing with people before they are ready to go home.

They will likely be available in a few weeks.

The ten puppies arrived at the Spokane International Airport after a long flight from a South Korean dog meat market.

The dogs were rescued from the thirteenth of several markets in the country.

These markets are illegal, but the dogs are sold on the black market, so it can be hard for the government to track them.

During their investigation, the United States Humane Society conducted a raid and was able to rescue the animals.

The society is partnering with local shelters like SpokAnimal to nurture the animals back to complete health and give them new, safe homes.

My apartment says I’m not supposed to have pets, but I might have to go to @SpokAnimal on Monday and sneak one of them in. They’re so cute!! pic.twitter.com/2gdhRw9uMf

— Shayna Waltower (@KREMShaynaW) October 7, 2018

“It is such a feeling of pride for us to be contacted by these national organizations and to be a part of their team and to help,” said Dori Peck, SpokAnimal executive director. “Our community steps up and adopts an amazing amount of animals in Spokane, and it’s so exciting.”

SpokAnimal workers quickly transferred the dogs from the plane to their vans and took them to their shelter.

The dogs have already received vaccinations, so they will spend the remainder of the weekend resting from their long flight.

After going through a sterilization process the dogs will be available for adoption at the SpokAnimal shelter on Monday.