SPOKANE, Wash. – Polly and Sophie are two lucky dogs who won KREM 2’s Doggie DNA test.

One-year-old Sophie just put it all out there when we met her.

"She is just a crazy little dog," her owner, Michelle said.

A crazy-cute dog who does not hesitate to kiss a stranger. And much like a kissing bandit, Michelle said Sophie’s identity remains a mystery.

“They ask me what she is. And the only thing I can really tell them is I know her mother was basset hound," Michelle said. "We got her when she was about six weeks old and she was just little tiny."

Michelle has heard it all when it comes to what people think Sophie is. She has heard boxer, pit bull and Dachshund.

The other dog, Polly, will soon get a peek into her heredity too. Polly's parent, Jack, simply calls Polly a "hat dog."

"From an early age she liked to sit on her older siblings’ heads and that just kind of sticks. Hat dog,” Jack said.

Jack rescued Polly from the Humane Society a little more than two years ago.

“She was tiny. I mean, very small. When they told us she was a Chihuahua mix we were like okay we can see the Chihuahua," Jack explained.

But that tiny Chihuahua started expanding out of her chihuahua look.

"She started elongating and then the hair went from being smooth and slick down to like this surfer wave hair do. I'm not quite sure what's going on with it. And it totally changed color," Jack said.

Even her veterinarian was recently stumped.

"We actually just switched veterinary offices and as soon as I brought her in they thought she was a lab puppy. We're like, ‘Not quite. No, not really close as all,’" he said.

Both tail-waggers’ breeds were clearly a mystery.

So we turned to the Wisdom Panel K9 DNA test for answers. They say they're the “world leader in K9 genetic testing.” The kit comes with two swabs to collect your dog’s DNA sample. Each dog’s mouth had to be swabbed for 15 seconds. Then, the swabs had to air dry for five minutes. After five minutes, we carefully sealed up the swabs. Finally, we shipped them off and waited for the results.

Wisdom Panel said its database contains more than 250 breeds. They examine your dog's DNA at more than 1,800 genome markers. Using what they call an advanced algorithm they arrive at your dog's possible family tree going back three doggy generations. A few weeks later it was time for the big reveal.

Sophie's results come back first. Turns out she is half Basset Hound and half Boston Terrier. The results come with examples of what the pup's ancestors likely looked like and one of them is spot-on Sophie. As such, Sophie's technically a designer dog called a Basston.

"Oh, that is just a riot. I would have never guessed," Michelle said.

So, what on Earth is Polly the hat dog? Results confirm she’s 25 percent Australian cattle dog, 25 percent Chihuahua,12.5 percent Blue Tick coon hound and 37.5 percent between a herding, terrier, sporting and hound.

"Coon hound, like what? The only coon hound is when she gets howling. she doesn't stop, so I can see that part of it," her owner Jack said.

We have decided to call her a AustralianCoonHuaHua.

The test also checks for a drug sensitivity and shows the dog's ideal weight. Both dogs came back clear on the drug sensitivity and fall within the proper weight range.

Of course, none of this really changes anything. Except, Sophie might be a little snootier now that she knows she's a designer dog.

If you're interested in doing a dog DNA test, they're available online for $90.