SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane City Council unanimously passed an ordinance for heated sidewalk regulations at Monday’s meeting.

The man who inspired “Hank’s Law” has welcomed changes of his own after a tragic accident back in February took his dog’s life.

The ordinance requires all sidewalk heaters in the city to be upgraded to include ground fault protection and creates a database of all sidewalk heaters in the city.

Zach Harper's dog, Hank, died unexpectedly four months ago when stray voltage on a heated sidewalk electrocuted him. Harper and strangers on the street tried to help, but nothing could be done.

Though Hank is gone, Harper is reminded of him every day.

"I have a picture of him that sits on my dresser so I see it every morning. I think about him every day, yeah. But again, it's just a process of moving forward and accepting the sad situation I was in and moving forward the best way I can,” Harper said.

He decided to move forward by opening his heart to two new miniature golden doodles. He named his new dogs after his favorite childhood show, “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.”

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