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Quarantine art challenge on display at Spokane's Liberty building

For 30 straight days, a local Spokane artist used nothing but materials in her studio to create a new piece of art each day

SPOKANE, Wash. —

A 30-day quarantine challenge creating art is now on display at the Liberty building in downtown Spokane. 

Tracy Poindexter-Canton has been creating art since her childhood. Inspired by the likes of Toni Morrison, she’s a writer that turns her own words into visual representations along with novels that have been influential in her life.

Once the coronavirus pandemic began to take over the country and had people stuck indoors, she decided this was a moment she could take advantage of by creating art and doing what she loves. 

“So every night, even if I was tired and I didn’t feel like starting one, I knew that I had to start one,” said Poindexter-Canton.

For 30 straight days, she gave herself two rules. 

"One, I had 15 minutes to gather supplies in my studio, and two, I had an hour to create the piece," she said.

Frozen pizza boxes and pieces of cardboard would serve as her canvas. Magazine clippings would go on top of that, or she could choose between acrylic paint, oil pastels, beads, color pencils. Anything that would help create a visual.

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Throughout the journey, she would post her creations on social media and she said that helped with holding her accountable.

The feedback she received kept her motivated to finish what she set off to do.

“This is what I’m passionate about,” she explained. “This is what I enjoy doing and I just want to put it out there to share with people and I hope people find it engaging.” 

The 30-day challenge will be on display at the Liberty building until August 28.

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