Two parents in Omak reported straight pins in boxes of Nerds candy, according to the Omak Police Department Chief Jeff Koplin.

One of the candy packages was turned in to the Omak Police Department, Koplin said. The plastic tip on the straight pin was the same color as the candy in the box.

It was also reported that a similar straight pin was found inside the packaging of a Snickers bar.

KREM also received a call from a concerned parent early Thursday morning.

"Omak Police Department is taking the situation seriously and an investigation is under way. Please inspect all your children’s candy and its packaging very closely. If anything suspicious if found please contact the Police immediately. More information will be released as it becomes available," Koplin wrote.

Koplin said the police are interviewing the two people who reported the candy. They said doing so will help police confirm if the report is valid and determine where the candy may have come from.

Some viewers have commented saying that the pin looks fake, but Koplin confirms that the pin does in fact fit inside the box. As for legitimacy, he hopes the investigation will help determine it.

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