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Helicopter falls from the sky, lands on Orondo teen who saves pilot

The 19-year-old was riding a tractor when the helicopter hit powerlines overhead.

ORONDO, Wash. — Logan Schneider thought his day was done on his family's cherry farm last week when it was really just beginning.

"Looking at what happened, I don't know how we both got out," he said.

Logan was riding a tractor in the orchard about 12 miles north of Wenatchee last week when a helicopter hit overhead powerlines and landed on top of him.  

"I was pinned against the steering wheel, stuck with the nose of the helicopter sitting right behind me," the recent high school graduate explained.

Logan freed himself from the wreckage only to find the helicopter pilot trapped -- dangling upside down in his harness.

"I heard him screaming," said Logan. "I looked and I saw him upside down hanging. Fire was everywhere. When I was in the moment I really wasn't thinking. I was just doing."

Logan was able to free the pilot. They both sustained minor injuries.

The odds of getting hit by a falling helicopter and walking away with just a slight burn are incredible.

"It's one in a million, I'd say," Logan said.

When asked if he ran out and bought a lottery ticket that day, Logan replied, "I did! I won two bucks! The craziest thing about the whole situation is the pilot and I share the same birthday. I just thought it was so bizarre."

Logan celebrated that birthday by taking it easy last Friday - two days after his harrowing ordeal.

Despite the accident, Logan said he plans to pursue his dream of being a pilot. He will be going to flight school in the fall, after a crash course in close calls.

"I feel like I always have someone watching over me, God watching over me, protecting me. And you never know when it could be your last moment."

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