SANDPOINT, Idaho -- The city of Sandpoint is trying something new when it comes to dealing with problem geese at city beach.

They are now using decoy coyotes, and even coyote "scent," to scare off the geese. The city decided to try this after hearing that the Coeur d'Alene resort had success with similar coyotes there.

The city has tried using dogs to chase the birds away but it has not stopped the geese.

"I thought it looked really real at first. I was staring at it, waiting for it to move,” Parks Director Kim Woodruff. "It looks super real, until you get closer and you realize it's just plastic with a fluffy tail."

After researching additional geese deterrents, city leaders came across the idea. The city bought seven fake coyotes. They are sprayed with "coyote scent," and moved to different locations in the park. It is a reasonably priced solution, too. The hope is to scare away the geese for good.

"To know that this might be a solution, even if it's temporary, would be awesome," Woodruff explained.

The city has noted success in Coeur d'Alene with similar coyotes. So far, it seems to be working. Wednesday was just day two of the decoys but the geese were well off city beach.

The city will still use dogs on occasion to scare off the geese, but they are already planning on buying more coyotes down the road.