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Bonner County deputies identify remains of Sandpoint man who went missing 25 years ago

Daniel Glennon, who was 32 years old at the time he went missing, lived alone on Wrenco Loop and was last seen in Sandpoint in December of 1995.

IDAHO, USA — The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office said they have positively identified the human remains of an Idaho man reported missing in 1996.

According to a press release from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, human remains were found in an undeveloped area off Wrenco Loop Road by a logging crew on Oct. 27, 2021.

Initial recovery of the remains and clothing was made at that time, and visual inspection of the remains indicated they were likely decades old.

A full excavation of the area was conducted on Nov. 2, 2021. Additional human remains, fragments of clothing, and a .22 caliber revolver were located underneath up to four inches of dirt and debris, according to deputies.

Based on the condition of the remains, detectives believed the remains were those of Daniel Glennon, an Idaho man who went missing more than two decades ago.

 According to the press release, then-32-year-old Glennon lived alone on Wrenco Loop in Sandpoint and was last seen in December of 1995.

Glennon’s family reported him missing in May of 1996 after they had not heard from him. Glennon's neighbors knew him as a person who enjoyed hiking in the area. According to the press release, before his disappearance, Glennon told his family he might move out of Idaho for different employment.

Since 1996, multiple searches were conducted in the area where Glennon was last seen, including a diver searching a nearby beaver pond. Since Glennon went missing, no leads were developed explaining his disappearance, and the case remained open, according to the report.

After the human remains were found, detectives and Coroner Rob Beers were able to obtain dental records from Glennon's childhood dental office in Califon, New Jersey. In addition, dental records and x-rays of the skull were examined by Forensic Odontology Consultant Lee Coppess of Hayden.

Coppess reported the remains matched dental records for Glennon on Jan. 13. The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office notified Glennon's family of the positive identification. 

According to the press release, a preliminary investigation indicated the manner of Glennon's death was suicide. Glennon’s remains are currently being examined at the University of Montana's Forensic Anthropology Department.