SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane Apple Store is warning customers not to be fooled by a scammer claiming to be them.

Multiple viewers told KREM 2 they had gotten robo calls from the number that appeared to be the local Apple Store, advising they talk to a “support advisor.”

One viewer, Rhonda said she pressed two to talk to the advisor, and a man told her there was a “breach in cloud security.”

“I told the guy, I don’t have an Apple product so nice try, go scam somebody else,” she said, but wanted to make sure people heard about the scam so they wouldn’t be out any money.

KREM 2 called the Apple Store, but no one there was available to speak with us. Calls to the corporate Apple media line went unanswered.

However, when you call the main line at the Spokane store, a recording plays that says the following:

“Apple is aware that some customers are receiving unsolicited calls claiming to be from this apple store. If you receive an unsolicited call you should not provide any information to the callers.”

If you may have been a victim of this scam, you are asked to contact law enforcement.

If Apple or Spokane PD gets back to us, this story will be updated with their comments.