It's been three years since America had a melt down over the white dress, blue dress situation.

In case you have not been on the internet lately, a robot audio file is dividing social media and America into two. Like we need something else to divide our country.

It asks if you hear “Yanny or Laurel”. Some people who listen to the file hear one thing, other people hear something completely different.

Science says there are several theories about what is going on here. Audiologists say it comes down to the variations of how people perceive sound and the differences in frequencies that your ear picks up.

Experts say the original word was likely “Laurel”. Factors like the quality of the recording or the speakers and headphones being used, how loud you play it will all affect how our ears hear the file.

Before you think you are losing your mind, you could actually be hearing something completely different than the person sitting next to you. Your ears are just probably different!

Doctors say different shaped ears focus on sound differently. The recording of an actual human voice may not of caused a debate at all.