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Spokane and Panhandle Region continue to see increases in cases

Both the Idaho Panhandle and Spokane County have seen spikes in coronavirus cases since moving forward in reopening.

SPOKANE, Wash. — It's been a little over two weeks since Idaho moved on to Stage 4 of its reopening plan.

Since then, the Panhandle had a good start, seeing few cases, but since June 24, the numbers have continued to spike and go up.

Right now, Kootenai County has the most cases in the region with 229 and Bonner County has seen 13 cases.

The Idaho Department of Health said there has been community spread in both Kootenai and Bonner counties.

When seeing this graph, you'll see the large spike from Monday, but something we need to be aware of is the 14 day projections graph pointing up towards June 27. This indicates that the numbers could and more than likely will continue to rise.

Credit: KREM
14-day moving coronavirus case average in Kootenai County
Credit: KREM
Coronavirus cases in Kootenai County up to June 29

In Spokane, we saw the biggest spike in coronavirus cases in a single-day on Monday, when 79 new cases were reported.. We've also seen a tiny spike in new hospitalizations, but not by much, with no more than five new hospitalizations any given day.

The last big spike Spokane County saw was on June 5 with 55 cases, and then on the June 23 with 53 cases.

Credit: KREM
Spokane County moving 14 day average of coronavirus cases, June 29

Health officials urge people, especially those within the ages of 20-39, to use face masks when out, social distance, and to isolate if you're feeling any symptoms.

Symptoms usually appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus, according to experts, and whether it's fever, cough, headache, or loss of taste or smell, you want to get tested and isolate yourself.

The Panhandle Health District website has a full list of ways to stay safe during the pandemic.

Credit: KREM
Spokane coronavirus cases and new hospitalizations, June 29

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