SPOKANE, Wash. — You have probably heard his voice on your radio. “Woo-wee!,” he cries.

It’s Mitch from Auto Credit Sales. Unfortunately, you won’t hear from “your dealer for the people” anymore over the Spokane air waves.

Someone recently posted about Mitch Vogel’s departure on the Spokane Reddit page, writing, “I never realized how much I actually appreciated Mitch from Auto Credit Sales until I heard the extremely unenthusiastic Neil from Auto Credit Sales this morning.”

The poster said that the new commercial mentioned Vogel’s absence and made fun of his “Woo-wee” catchphrase.

Vogel confirmed with KREM’s Taylor Viydo that he is no longer with Auto Credit Sales. He has taken a job outside of the Spokane area running another car lot.

Vogel said it was an “opportunity he had to take,” adding that he moved out of the area to help a family member.

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Auto Credit Sales, a used car dealership, has locations in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Post Falls, and Hayden.

Viydo met Vogel in person for the first time in November.

Apart from voicing the recurrent ads, Vogel also served as the operations manager for Auto Credit Sales. He has been in the car business for the last two decades, originally starting as a salesman and then working his way into management.

Vogel says the ads first began in March of 2017. While working with a local advertising group, the talking points and the lines emphasizing the company’s “For the People” mantra began to take shape.