SPOKANE, Wash. — The secret is out. Many Spokane residents are loving a new promotion called "Secret Burger." 

Secret Burger offers a chance for restaurants and members of Spokane's culinary community to create wild off-the-menu dishes that are available for one day only.

Spokane joins big foodie cities like Los Angeles, Portland and New York that have frequent Secret Burger events. 

Kristen Speller owns the Garland Sandwich Shoppe, home of the Big Dill. She made her "Secret Burger" debut in April with the Sumo Sushi Sandwich.

The sandwich has a rice patty for a bun, spicy crab salad with sriracha, cucumbers, carrots, sriracha mayo, sushi grade Ahi and avocado.

She served it up for the special one-day-only Secret Burger event with edamame tossed in flaming hot Cheetos.

Her friend Kris Kilduff brought Secret Burger to Spokane and it seems those in the foodie scene couldn't be more excited about it.

"Spokane has a great culinary scene, but we are just getting more and more publicity and more and more good feedback which is great to see because we have a lot of talent here and it's good to see it finally getting out there to the rest of the nation," Speller said. 

Speller said her event sold out and 30 people left happy that they had purchased their tickets.

Many other local restaurants have also participated and Speller is cooking up something extra special for her next event.

"We're known for our pickles, that'll be the one hint I can give you," said Speller.