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Washington man spent last 25 years running National UFO Reporting Center

Peter Davenport of Harrington has run the National UFO Reporting Center, which compiles data and reports on UFO sightings.

HARRINGTON, Wash. — A man in Harrington runs the National UFO Reporting Center, which tracks sighting of UFOs across the country.

Peter Davenport is the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Harrington, Wash. He has served in the position for the last 25 years.

The center records and compiles data relating to reported UFO sightings.

He said that we started calling these phenomena “UFOs," or unidentified flying objects, in 1947.

“We are being visited routinely about these things, that since 1947, we’ve called UFOs,” Davenport said.

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One such occurrence happened in Spokane on Dec. 30, 2018. The UFOs were described as orange circles that made no sound.

Davenport  thinks these happenings are very important to humanity, as he talked about when describing a UFO sighting in Phoenix, Ariz. in 1997.

“It was immense and it was hovering motionless over the witnesses,” Davenport said. “If this is true, if there is even a shard of a possibility this is true, it is the biggest scientific question confronting mankind.”

Another recently reported UFO sighting happened in Chewelah, Wash on Dec. 14, 2018. This one was much shorter, only lasting one to three seconds and described as “a big, bluish green sphere” that lit up the sky and was the size of a football field.

Davenport explained that his interest in UFOs started as a child.

“I developed an interest in UFO work when I was very young, probably six years of age I estimate it was,” he said. “I saw a UFO on the outskirts of the St. Louis airport, seen by hundreds, possibly thousands of other people. Even though that was 1954 … the image of that object remains imprinted on my brain clearly, indelibly.”

He said that many people talk to friends and colleagues about viewing UFOs, many don’t make a formal report about their encounters.

“For that information to do any good, they have got to write it down and make a permanent record of it,” Davenport said.

Another worry he has about the field of UFO work is the U.S. government’s reluctance to share their information on the subject.

“What worries me even more than the presumed aliens themselves, is the fact that our government is not sharing that information with the American people,” he said. “This is wrong in my opinion.”

He added that the press has not pushed the government hard enough to release information relating to UFOs and that the media needs to cover UFO sightings more often.

This information is important because humans need to know if they are being visited by aliens and if we are under threat from such beings.

Davenport said he plans on continuing his work as long as he is alive and has an interest in the foreign objects.

“I will do it as long as I have breath in my lungs and have a desire to continue doing it,” he said. “There is no pay in it, there is just satisfaction in doing a job and doing it as well as I can.”

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