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Michelle Boss

Michelle Boss is a meteorologist at KREM 2 News.
Credit: KREM

Michelle Boss joined the KREM2 Stormtracker team in 1999.  She previously worked as a meteorologist at WEHT in Evansville, IN and WOWT in Omaha, NE.

Michelle is a native of Oklahoma and earned her B.S. Degree in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, one of the top schools in that field.  "Growing up in Tornado Alley, I was always fascinated with severe weather and spent my college and early career days chasing storms across the Plains and Midwest".

Michelle's husband is a meteorologist as well, recently retired as a Lead Forecaster from the National Weather Service.  They have three children.  "I'm so grateful that KREM has given me the opportunity to contribute as a meteorologist on a part-time basis all these years, so that I could be a full-time mom to my kids."

These days Michelle's forecast can be regularly seen on the KREM2 and KSKN weekend newscasts.  In her spare time Michelle enjoys playing the piano and violin, and studying insects and spiders.  "I wanted to be an entomologist before I wanted to be a meteorologist.  I'm happy to answer all your weather AND bug related questions!" 

Credit: Michelle Boss
Michelle holds a European Paper Wasp

You can contact Michelle at mbos@krem.com.

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