SPOKANE, Wash. – In November, some of Spokane's biggest leaders put out a video at the height of the "Time's Up" movement.

On Thursday night they, along with survivors gathered for a town hall in Spokane. The MeToo and Time's Up movements have swept across the country. The effort to address sexual violence continued in Spokane.

"We all need to know what the right thing to do is and we all need to take action it's a very serious social problem," said Erin Williams-Hueter, Director of Victim Advocacy and Education Luthern Community Services Northwest.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest took action by hosting the Time's Up Town Hall. As a response to the national movement community leaders, victims and their advocates came together to talk about how to handle sexual violence in the community.

“It is all around us, one in three women and one in six men will be a victim of sexual violence at some point in their lives that's a lot of people," Williams-Hueter said.

The panel said it will take even more people to come together to stop sexual assault. The panel was made of people at the forefront of the local fight against sexual violence victim advocates, law enforcement and city leaders.

"For me it really all boils down to citizenship and being a good neighbor and friend, we all need to know how to respond when someone tells us that they were a victim of sexual assault,” Williams-Hueter explained.

Even though there is no telling how long the Time's UP Movement will last, those with Lutheran Community Services hope the words that were shared will last much longer.

“What I find interesting in this moment in time and this point in history is that we are talking about is differently. I want to keep having that conversation. I want to keep it going in Spokane," Williams-Hueter said.

For more help or resources contact Lutheran Community Services Northwest at 509-624-7273.