SPOKANE, Wash. – The A&E series "Live PD" takes viewers inside police work all across the country, including Spokane.

However, at least one city leader is raising questions about the show. One of his concerns: it shows the worst of Spokane.

While Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart is not a fan of the show, the Spokane County Sheriff is and said it serves as a good recruiting tool.

Stuckart said there are also some major ramifications, especially when it comes to people's privacy.

"If somebody followed you to your house and filmed you and had a TV show, you'd want permission for them to ask you to be on the show," Stuckart explained.

Yet, that is not what happens. Unlike "Cops", "Live PD" does not require consent from people being on camera. It truly is fair game.

For that reason, the city is looking to put some rules on the show. Going forward there is a proposal that would require a person's consent before they appear on "Live PD." At the same time, producers would need a license to film and operate within the city.

"We just want to make sure people are giving their permission if they're going to be on those shows, so we don't ban them and we're not trying to hide anything," Stuckart said.

Privacy reasons aside, Stuckart also insists "Live PD" is far from realistic when it comes to crime solving.

"They also show that more crimes are solved than are solved, and we have a lot of open crimes," Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said. “This community loves 'Live PD', because it shows people what we deal with."

Should the proposals become reality, there could be some major pushback from Sheriff Knezovich. He insisted "Live PD" gives a real view of our community, however bad it may be.

City Council will not discuss this issue for three more weeks.

Spokane is not the first city to have problems with "Live PD." In the last year, at least four other cities across the country have stopped participating in the program because of worries over public image.