OKANOGAN COUNTY, Wash.— The woman accused of shooting and killing her husband in Okanogan County on December 20 died from terminal cancer early Thursday morning.

Sharon Allard was facing murder charges in the death of Daniel Allard. The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office said they believed the Sharon shot Daniel after an argument took place in their home.

Law enforcement said during the disagreement Daniel had gone downstairs before being called back upstairs by Sharon to check the TV.

The Okanogan County coroner, Dave Rodriguez, said Sharon had been “deteriorating” for some time, and had been on the county's “imminent death” list before the shooting due to her terminal illness. He said the list is for patients who have been diagnosed with terminal conditions and are expected to die in the near future. He said it means their doctor can sign the death certificate, instead of the coroner, and they will not investigate the patient's passing.

"It's just a sad ending to a really sad story," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said she had been transferred to Mid-Valley Hospital from the jail, though she was under guard during her hospital stay.